Who’s that?

I am a British journalist based in Hong Kong who writes about Asian politics, especially defence and security, as well as economics and business. I have an MA in Classics from Exeter College, Oxford, and an MSc in Asian Politics from SOAS, University of London. I speak good Mandarin and French. At the moment I’m writing for:

  • Jane’s Defence Weekly, as a China correspondent (I was the Asia-Pacific editor at Jane’s until 2009)
  • The South China Morning Post, as a comment and feature contributor
  • The Diplomat, as a regular columnist
  • Monocle, as a Hong Kong correspondent writing about regional defence, politics and business; I’m also a regular on their radio station, Monocle24
  • Occasional contributions in Foreign Policy, World Politics Review, and Asia Times Online.
  • AsiaProperty, for which I cover the political-business climate in East Asia
  • Business Monitor International, as Asia Defence Reports writer
  • The European Commission, as a report writer

What is this website?

I’ll be using this site to blog about my projects in Asia and to flag up work that’s being published. If you’re an editor, it’s also a way for you to get in touch (and – if the mood takes you – hire me). Or, if you are a news outlet looking for commentary, I can do that too. I’ve helped out the BBC, ABC, the Guardian and others in the past.

Why Asia?

I lived in Shanghai for several years until 2006, editing a magazine there and watching towers spring up like there was no tomorrow. After Shanghai, I went back to London to occupy the Asia-Pacific Editor’s chair at Jane’s Defence Weekly until late 2009. I now live in Hong Kong, where split my time between writing and struggling slowly up really steep hills.

Asia’s pretty big…

I focus primarily on Afghanistan (where I spent some time reporting during my stint at Jane’s), China and Southeast Asia, but I have written about most parts of the region at one time or another. I’ve been focusing heavily on Burma lately as things there, fingers crossed, start to change.